I am an Ipsie of love. Please no  confusing I is not a gypsy. Ipsie's are special fortune tellers. We know all, we see all, and I am the biggest know all of all.`

You won’t know what to expect, but she does. A psychic that knows what you’re thinking and how to make you laugh! Madame Elbac combines comic song and ritual to reveal her psychic powers in a charming, but MA+ rated way,accompanied by a piano player .Bewitching and very theatrical, seeing this show should be in your future!      Review Jessica Horwell Australia Times

I had the best 45 minutes in a long time at The Butterfly Club last night.

The tone of the show is relaxed and inclusive and with a cocktail in hand you can't go wrong with this one.

                       Review What Did She Think? Samsara

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